Embrace Outdoor Freedom with Team Lodge Toy Haulers

Experience the thrill of adventure with a home away from home that moves with you. Team Lodge Toy Haulers bring unmatched versatility, exceptional build quality, and multifunctional application right to the doorstep of your next journey. Tailored for the spirited outdoor enthusiast, these state-of-the-art mobile units are your ticket to the wilderness, complete with all the comforts and ease that make the great outdoors feel like your own backyard.

Discover What Sets Team Lodge Apart

Innovation and Design Set Apart

Units designed with a pioneering lift and lower capability, coupled with a thoughtful interior that maximizes every inch of space for living and storage. Our sleek exterior finish stands out anywhere from the icy tundra to the forested hillsides, attracting admiring looks as you travel. Specially built to accommodate a range of side-by-sides, Team Lodge Toy Haulers are a true friend to the outdoor enthusiast, offering unprecedented capability and a design ethos embedded in practical luxury.

A Model for Every Adventurer

MYLO Mountains

Compact design packs a punch with enough room for 2-3 adults and plenty of garage space to store your gear for trail.

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Junior Itasca Outlander

A haven of comfort
and space for up to 3 adults, the Outlander doubles as a cozy base for your ice fishing escapades.

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MYLO Mountains Junior

This spritely younger sibling brings luxury options to a smaller footprint, ensuring nimble handling on any expedition.

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Junior Itasca
Extreme Lite

Elegantly designed, it is light enough for easy towing, yet customizable for your personal weekend getaways.

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Extreme Lite Lowered Extreme 2

Sporting an extra axle, expect a significantly smoother tow and extra payload for all your adventure gear.

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The grandeur of size meets functionality with a full water package and spacious accommodation for larger side-by-sides.

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Crafted for the backcountry, with a non-drop design, ample garage space, and capability to take you further than ever.

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Owning the Gateway to Adventure

Make the smart choice for durability, adaptability, and home-like comfort in the wild. A Team Lodge toy hauler isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a resilient travel companion that adapts seamlessly to your chosen outdoor activity, be it a serene lakeside stay or an adrenaline-pumping trail ride. Start building those unforgettable moments in nature, backed by the certainty that your Lodge will remain steadfast through all your adventures.

Connect with Our Experts for Personalized Assistance

Ready to revolutionize your outdoor experiences? Contact Team Lodge today to explore the detailed crafting, innovative designs, and comprehensive features of our toy haulers. Share with us your vision of adventure, and our specialists will work with you to elevate your wild escapades. Let Team Lodge be more than your vehicle; let it be your home on the move.

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